The Barbarity of Multi-Culturalism

Kenan Malik argues in his book From Fatwa to Jihad, The Rushdie Affair and its Legacy that Islamo-fascism is far from medieval, but a modern invention--a product of multi-culturalism. By creating "communities" in the U.K., Tony Blair invigorated tribes in their stead. Celebrating difference had eclipsed the fight against racism making communities into tribes. In his review, Bryan Appleyard laments:

Racism is a cause that unites all creeds and colours. It is a universal enemy that can be attacked with the universalist Enlightenment belief that there are values that can be rationally and justly applied to all human societies. Splitting the world into “communities”, celebrating difference at all costs, is a counterEnlightenment strategy.

Malik was the product of a mixed Hindu-Muslim marriage who grew up without either religious tradition. He may argue that certain "tribes" received a boost from multi-culturist policies, but we, in America, know all too well the cost of a "great melting pot" strategy that left many races and ethnicities out in the cold.

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