The Architect and the Intellect--Bezalel the artist's artist.

Haven't we got enough bad news already? So, excuse me if I don't dwell on the Golden Calf. Parshat Ki Tissa introduces us to a character as enigmatic and uniquely gifted as Avraham, Bezalel, the architect for the mishkan--the Tabernacle. He was imbued with:

Chochmah--that which is learned from others
Tevunah--that which he inferred from what he had learned
Da'at--that which he received from the Holy Spirit

He was also chosen by God, and as his name attests, he walked in his shadow. It was a clever person who named the famous art institute in Jerusalem, Bezalel, a person who could learn, think, and was open to inspiration. He was God's definition of artistry and creativity. Click here to learn more

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